Gamma server under the hood

This page is for informational purposes only for advanced users. These technical details are abstracted away from developers by Gamma CLI.
Gamma server runs under the hood on Docker. Docker is a platform that performs operating-system-level virtualization, also known as "containerization".

Docker image for Gamma

You can print docker images that are available on your machine using the docker CLI
docker images
If you've installed Gamma CLI successfully, you should see among the results something similar to
orbsnetwork/gamma v0.8.0 61057f923f89 2 weeks ago 426MB
Gamma CLI downloads this image automatically from Docker Hub with docker pull

Running the docker image

When Gamma CLI is starting Gamma server, under the hood it's running
docker run -d --name orbs-gamma-server orbsnetwork/gamma
When Gamma CLI stops Gamma server, under the hood it's running
docker stop orbs-gamma-server
docker rm -f orbs-gamma-server
You can check if a docker container is currently running with
docker ps
And if it is, you can examine the logs of the container with
docker logs -f orbs-gamma-server