Google Cloud Platform

Setup Gamma Server on GCP

  1. Open the hamburger menu on the left side

  2. Choose "Marketplace"

  3. Under the "Search for solutions" text box type "Orbs" and choose the result "orbs-gamma-devkit"

  4. Click on "Launch"

  5. If you want to change any parameters of the VM please do so in this step

  6. Click on "Deploy"

  7. The public IP address of the newly created machine will appear on this page under the property titled "Site address": Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 16.18.10.png

You may now work with gamma server remotely. For more information on setting up a remote gamma environment on your local dev machine, click here

  "Environments": {
    "staging": {
      "VirtualChain": 42,
      "Endpoints": ["http://<ip>:8080"]

Prism block explorer will be available at http://<ip>:3000/

After setting up your Gamma remote environment, you can deploy your may deploy first contract

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