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Checking sent transaction status

Life span of a transaction

Once a transaction is sent to the blockchain, it is held in the transaction pool of nodes until it is executed (mined). During this time the transaction is in PENDING status.
When the transaction is finally executed, verified under consensus and added to a block, it transitions toCOMMITTED status. It now also includes a receipt holding the execution output.
If the transaction fails to verify or ultimately expires, its status changes to REJECTED.

Using Gamma CLI

After sending a transaction with gamma-cli send-tx, the transaction ID should be returned.
Use the TxId to check the status of the transaction
gamma-cli get-status 0x189403BAA46F80150F1EA77fE9F47f40Fb1d8C52AF0b90D83DCB084385f1C6e5F7763D62D276bF86

Command parameters

gamma-cli get-status <TX_ID>
  • <TX_ID> Transaction ID in Base64 as returned from gamma-cli send-tx

Cryptographic proof for a transaction

The Orbs blockchain is able to provide cryptographic proof for the execution of a transaction. This proof can be verified by light clients or third-party auditors without synchronizing the entire blockchain state.
Use the TxId to obtain the proof
gamma-cli tx-proof 0x189403BAA46F80150F1EA77fE9F47f40Fb1d8C52AF0b90D83DCB084385f1C6e5F7763D62D276bF86
The command parameters are identical to gamma-cli send-tx