Amazon Web Services

Setup Gamma Server on AWS

  1. Log into your amazon management console

  2. Select your desired region

  3. select EC2 -> Instances -> Launch Instances

  4. Navigate to "AWS Marketplace” and enter “Orbs” in the search text box

  5. Select "Orbs Network Developer Kit” -> Continue -> Review and launch (or edit instance parameters)

  6. To finalize the AMI initialization:

    • Click Launch

    • Select your desired option for ssh key pair. No key pair is required. But you may choose to set one up.

    • Launch instance

    A new instance is now launching.

  7. To obtain your server host name or IP address, navigate to EC2 instances console

You may now work with gamma server remotely. For more information on setting up a remote gamma environment on your local dev machine, click here

  "Environments": {
    "staging": {
      "VirtualChain": 42,
      "Endpoints": ["http://<ip>:8080"]

Prism block explorer will be available at http://<ip>:3000/

After setting up your Gamma remote environment, you can deploy your may deploy first contract

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