Setup Gamma Server on Microsoft Azure

  1. Log into your Azure portal. (

  2. Click on the big plus (Create a resource)

  3. In the "Search the marketplace" text box type in: "Orbs" and choose

    the entry "Orbs Gamma Development Blockchain Kit"

  4. Click on Create

  5. Choose the virtual machine name, region

  6. Click on "Review + Create" to get the machine setup unless you want to modify disk space or any other machine parameters.

  7. On the summary page, make sure all is accurate and click "Create"

  8. If you would like to access your Gamma server using ssh, Click on "Download private key and create resource". Otherwise, click "Create"

  9. To obtain the public IP of the newly created VM, click on "Go to resource"

    The IP will be located on the "Networking" pane on the right side of the page under the property named: "Public IP Address" such as in the picture

You may now work with gamma server remotely. For more information on setting up a remote gamma environment on your local dev machine, click here

  "Environments": {
    "staging": {
      "VirtualChain": 42,
      "Endpoints": ["http://<ip>:8080"]

Prism block explorer will be available at http://<ip>:3000/

After setting up your Gamma remote environment, you can deploy your may deploy first contract

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