Installing Gamma - local blockchain

Gamma is a personal Orbs blockchain running locally that allows developers to easily test, run and deploy smart contracts.

Installing Gamma

Gamma uses Docker to run a personal blockchain with multiple nodes locally. Make sure Docker is available on your machine. See installation instructions here.

Next, install the Gamma CLI with brew‚Äč

brew install orbs-network/devtools/gamma-cli

Verify the installation by running in terminal

gamma-cli version

Gamma CLI

gamma-cli is the command line tool for developers to interact with a Gamma server instance running on their machine.

See the various commands supported by the CLI by running in terminal

gamma-cli help

You can use the CLI to start and stop Gamma server, deploy contracts and send transactions.

Gamma server

Gamma server is an in-memory virtual chain on top of an Orbs blockchain with several nodes on your local machine. The server allows you to test your contracts locally before deploying them to production.

Gamma server will be installed automatically by the CLI.

Start Gamma server by running in terminal

gamma-cli start-local

When finished with the server, stop it by running in terminal

gamma-cli stop-local