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Project Template

Directory structure

Orbs Lambda enforces a strict directory structure for your project. It is recommended to create a local fork of the official Orbs Lambda repo on GitHub:
  • The root of your project should contain a top-level directory with your unique ID
  • This directory should contain the file index.js - the main entry point of your lambda
  • This directory may contain any additional dependencies (.js and .json files)
  • This directory may contain a test suite under the test subdirectory
    • Test suite files should have the .spec.js suffix
    • The tests directory may contain any additional dependencies (.js and .json files)
  • Any package.json files should be found in the root

Setting up example

Assuming your local project working directory is my-lambda-project
git clone my-lambda-project
And assuming your unique ID is unique-example
This is the expected directory structure:
├─ unique-example/
| ├─ index.js
| ├─ optional-dependency.js
| ├─ optional-dependency.json
| ├─ test/
| | ├─ my-tests.spec.js
| | ├─ more-tests.spec.js
| | ├─ optional-dependency.js
| | ├─ optional-dependency.json
├─ package.json